As an eco-system builder – Social Impact Africa – connects, empowers, and collaborates to build the whole social impact system. As system entrepreneurs – we work to enable and activate the whole community to achieve their potential.

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Social Innovations & Community Focus
Purpose-Led Leadership

Activating Social Transformation In Communities


4 MODULESDisruptive Design for Social Impact

Social changemakers conceptualise their social impact business and are guided through the process of the Inner Development Goals framework, use Disruptive Design tools and Systems & Design Thinking - all of which are approaches to understanding, evolving and solving complex problems facing communities

Social impact Start-Up | Business Accelerator Program

Developing the concept beyond just an idea and transitioning into the market. In the second phase, the aim of is to improve the investment case of the social-impact business.

Micro-Business Accelerator Program

Through our partners in the social impact eco-system we assist in identifying gaps, engage in up-skilling/skilling activities and work across a value chain - thus enabling the successful creation and development of micro enterprises in inner cities, townships and rural communities.



The Makers Valley Farm Makers Collective | Eco-Business

This work will involve connecting and advising 3 social enterprises from Makers Valley : a farmer, an eco-business and a collective of creatives. We will guide and support them with their strategic and implementational challenges. By adding our advisory support through our Micro-business Accelerator progam to their efforts, we aim to further increase the impact of their work. Some of the advisory support we envisage are branding, providing access to tools to scope and scale their work, and forge connections with players in markets outside their communities, among others.


Social Impact Africa through its Thandizo Innovation Hub has kicked off an inspiring initiative in Bez Valley community for the year 2024, fostering the next generation of innovators. We have partnered with Makers Valley Collective to introduce bio-inspired design and an interdisciplinary approach to science, engineering, and environmental literacy (STEM), the Thandizo program empowers middle and high school learners and other members of the community, to together envision solutions to social and environmental challenges faced in their communities 🌿✨ The program engages youthful minds through a process that weaves nature's ingenious solutions into their problem-solving journey. 🌐 #SocialImpactAfrica #STEMEducation #BioInspiredDesign #FutureInnovators