Dr. Radhika Mia, PhD

Co-Founder - Social Impact Africa
Associate Faculty Innovation and Creativity
Visual Artist | Author | Thought Leader at Inc. Africa

Radhika co-creates pathways of transformation for individuals, teams and organisations. She is passionate about activating positive change in the world around change, innovation and leadership.

An authority on organisational creativity and innovation, she is passionate about life, evolution and awakening consciousness, and describes herself as a visual artist, writer and social entrepreneur. She has published two books and writing a third.

Ms. Debbie Cockrell

Co-Founder - Social Impact Africa
Chairperson at Slovo Centre and SPADE

Debbie is a self confessed polymath, passionate about many things including people, travel, social change, sustainability and play-based learning. She serves in multiple roles in play advocacy with several entities, using collaboration and asset based community interventions to drive change and social upliftment.

She believes that social entrepreneurship provides a platform for future generations to create sustainable change from the ground up.